IoT Hub Meetup: Robotics Series

According to the International Federation of Robotics, the total number of professional service robots sold between 2017 and 2018 increased by 61%, and there were 99 Industrial robots for every 10,000 workers. Mckinsey predicts that robots will replace 800 million workers by 2030. Robots automate tasks that are menial, dangerous, time-consuming, and repetitive. Robots can be autonomous or collaborate with humans. We will be hosting a series of online meetups with experts who will help us answer the following:


Use Cases

Topic: Which jobs (plant floor, transportation, logistics, field service, etc.) will autonomous and collaborative robots enhance or replace, and how will they impact different industries (aerospace, medical, agriculture, etc.)?

Speakers – End Customers/Users/Buyers of Robots and Cobots

Best Practices

Topic: What are the best practices for deploying and operating robots to ensure that they complete their tasks consistently, error-free, and 100% of the time?

Speakers – End customers and Integrators/Vendors who are helping end-customers select, deploy, operate, maintain and repair robots

Future of Work

Topic: How does the use of robots impact the existing workforce, and what options are there to upskill/retrain them? Speakers – HR, Educational Institutions (High School, Community Colleges, Universities), HR/Training/Transformation Service Providers

Legal Policy and Regulations

Topic: Are regulations (FAA, FDA, OSHA, etc.) and laws (liability, IP, privacy, etc.) ready for a world full of robots? Speakers – HR, Lawyers (Corporate, Startup, etc.), Certification Specialists

Technology Showcase

Topic: How are robots built, and what is the enabling technology that makes it easier to build Robots and Cobots? Speakers – Robotics and Cobots Technology companies (startups to enterprise), Universities, etc Interested in sharing your experience on any of the above topics with our community?

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