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We are a community of Technologists, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, and Corporate Innovators who want to connect locally to share, learn and discuss how the enabling technologies for the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 will impact our lives, jobs, communities, and industries.

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• Jim Katsandres, head evangelist for Bluetooth SIG and former speaker says: “What is unique about IoT Hub meetups is that they focus on the business side and real use cases in their technology discussions.

• Michael Palermo, one our former speakers as an evangelist from Amazon, say, "The caliber of attendees at the IoT Hub meet-up in Seattle is one of the best I have seen. The participation and passion of the group is contagious and made for a great place to speak on IoT. The organizers clearly care about the community and it shows.

John C.

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Simi V.

Join us for this exciting event- Automotive Cloud and the Future of Mobility, learn from industry leaders:

Tomas H.

IoT Hackathon in Vancouver, 8-9 Dec, DISCOUNT CODE: IOTVANCOUVER

The ticket price includes drinks and food (breakfast, launch, dinner) for two days. Each attendee will get an IoT Kit (LoRa / WiFi) and access to the workshop “Getting started with the LoRaWAN” held on December 6th or December 7th.

We provide six months subscription to IoT Hub (see for all attendees allowing them to use the infrastructure for commercial use.

We’re providing free tickets to students

Kyle A.

Hi I need an AWS connection I represent a larger IIoT service (Sales capacity) here in the US.